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If you’re tired of spending your hard earned money on worthless schemes, yet still need to make a lot of money in a HURRY, this could be the most important message you will ever read, just take a LOOK at the BASICS…

HUGE PROFITS: You will receive at least $5-$10,000 in 30 days!
EASIEST: Takes less than 1 hour of your time!
FASTEST: Pays you completely in less than 30 days!
CHEAPEST: Cost is only $20!
ENORMOUS RETURNS: Consistently 60%-80%!

This program was developed for people who do NOT want to spend a lot of money on a letter program. It is the most affordable program in the whole United States of America!

It was designed so every person could participate, and there are NO empty promises as with every other program. This actually works better than it claims! Please read the following letter to see how it works, and how simple it really is and how you could receive $5-$10,000 in less than 30 days! Even if you’re skeptical, you should at least try this once. It works perfectly for EVERYONE that participates. You will definitely profit from this one - BIG TIME! Best of all, it only costs $20 bucks total!

Dear Friend, Would you spend $20 and 1 hour of your time in order to receive at least $5-$10,000 in less than 30 days from today? Who wouldn’t? I developed this program in 2013, After trying several other programs, including the 6 & 12 name lists. I never received even a 1% return from any of those programs, which means I didn’t even get back what I had spent to participate. I wouldn’t recommend any of those programs to anyone. They cost $100’s to join and the likelihood of seeing all of the initial investment back is very low. So I sat down and developed this program. I wanted a program that was
not only 100% legal, but also very affordable for every single person to join! This is what I came up with. I ran the program for 1 year before writing this letter. It has been improved, and best of all, it really does work - every single time. Because of the low investment cost of only $20, the return rate is really high. It is simply the easiest, fastest and cheapest program you will ever have the opportunity in which to participate. You will receive all your profits in 2 weeks. Now, you’re asking “How is this possible when all other programs have a 1-2% return, and they take months?” The answer is simple …



What would you think, when anytime you feel like it, you could mail 100 of my “Special 60% Response Letters” and get back 60 letters all filled with money for YOU? Well my friend, if I can do it, you can do it too with my “Special 60% RESPONSE LETTER!

Since I am wanting to share my secret letter to success with you, I’m not going to ask you to purchase this wonderful, money making miracle. I will, however, ask you to Make a personal investment in your future of just = $20!!!

If you are willing to make a $20 investment in yourself, I will happily match that investment with my invaluable time and effort to personally send you my "Special 60% Response Letter”, and I’ll even include my simple, but Special Blueprint Instructions on how-to use it!

While the letter itself is very powerful, it only works its magic if you follow the special blueprint instructions. Doing so will surely insure you a much higher response rate from any and all of your future mailings.

Using my results-pulling 60% Response Letter, as per the blueprint instructions, will generate not only your immediate $5-$10,000 in 30 days or less, but far more leads to insure up to 30% sales of whatever product, program or service you are promoting - Which means up to $10,000 in COLD HARD CA$H in your pocket!

The average response rate for most direct mail activities is only half to one percent. You can do far better than that with my 60% Response Letter, and you WILL too!!! Save yourself a heap of time, wasted money and devastating frustration! All that makes no sense when you can get the key to $uccess for just a $20 investment in yourself!

As a bonus, I will personally digitize your “60% Response Letter” and email blast it to over 3 million business opportunity buyers and seekers. This alone has proven to bring in a boatload of $20 bills!

As a second bonus, I will send you my complete step by step actionable blueprint on exactly what I do to make $10,000 every single month with just an hour a week and how you can use your new “60% Response Letter” starting this month to begin doing the same!

Don’t muddle along in the same old losers pond. Invest just $20 in yourself NOW, and get the winning response for which you’ve been looking.

EVERYONE who participates in this program will definitely profit from it! There are NO hidden costs or empty promises. You won’t get $100,000 with only 1 mailing unless you mail 200 letters but you will get at least  60% return in 30 days. You simply can’t lose on this one: The return rate is too high! Being skeptical is normal, but if you let it run your life, you will NEVER make your dreams come true. If you need money to pay off bills, buy a new home, your luxury car, education, vacation or for any reason you want, you should run this program RIGHT NOW! Why? Because it WILL work for you, and you will have all the money you need in 30 days or less … When you need it - Not months from now! Spend just $20 right now, and wait just 30 days. You will see that you have nothing to lose! This program has been TRIED and PROVEN to work perfectly every single time it is used! Run it as often as you want to - Monthly, Even Daily - It’s just that affordable! Just follow the simple blueprint instructions I send you, and in a couple of weeks you will be on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!


I joined to see if it worked as it claimed. I figured if it didn’t work, I was only out $20 bucks. But it did work, even better than I imagined. I received $12,000 Cash in 3 weeks. It made me a believer. I participated often and received enough to pay off all my debts, bought a new Lexus and now planning to spend this upcoming Xmas in Hawaii. You should try this program! (M. Lewis)

I am Rhonda Jackson. Since this program only costs $20, I joined immediately! 12 days since I sent out my letters, I started receiving $20 bills. By the 15th day I had received $9,300 in cash. I have run this program for 6 months now and I have received $120,000 in cash! I paid off all my debts, bought a new home and my first ever new car and I’m taking my family on a huge vacation to Spain! (Rhonda Jackson)

My name is Robert Adams. I was an average guy who couldn’t get ahead, so since it was so cheap, I decided to run the club just to see if it would work. 13 days after sending out letters, I received $280. However, after the 16th day, I had received a total of $15,900!!! You have to try this - it will change your life drastically! See for yourself - the only cost is $20 - that’s less than hamburgers at Burger King! (Robert Adams)

Conclusion: Good Luck! This Will work for You - I promise! Let it change your life, starting right NOW! Send your gift and get this letter and blueprint in your hands right away so you can see for yourself!

Here’s My $20 Investment - Send Me Your 60% Response Letter - And - Your Blueprint!

Name:______________________________________ Phone: (_______) __________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________________

E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________________

Where Did You Find This Info:______________________________________________________

Rush $20 CA$H TO:

Samuel Joseph

1278 Chapin Rd

New Castle, PA 16105

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